Nassau County Electric, Gas, Pellet, and Wood Stoves

Electric Stoves

Just like electric fireplaces, electric stoves are vent-free and easy to install: just plug it in to a standard 110 volt outlet and go! There’s no carbon monoxide to worry about, either, and your stove’s glass will always be cool to the touch. Your stove may also have a 5,000 BTU blower to provide extra heat to the room.

We carry electric stoves from Electraflame by Dimplex.

Nassau County electric stove

Gas Stoves

Like a gas fireplace, a gas stove will give you the authentic look and feel of a wood fire without all the hassle that comes from chopping, stacking, and starting wood. They’re also more efficient than wood stoves, and depending on the model you choose, may not even need to be vented. However, like wood stoves, there are certain building codes and clearance requirements that must be met.

Jetmore carries direct vent gas stoves made by Avalon and Lopi and vent-free stoves by Sun Valley.

Nassau Count gas stove

Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves are a great compromise between the ease and convenience of a gas or electric stove and the actual burning of a wood stove. This is a clean and environmentally friendly way to heat your home: fill the hopper with all-natural wood pellets, then use a remote control or thermostat to determine how warm your home gets. An electric auger will control how many pellets go into the fireplace for nearly perfect heating.

Jetmore carries pellet stoves manufactured by Avalon and Lopi.

Nassau County pellet stove

Wood Stoves

A wood stove offers much of the same ambiance and aroma as a wood-burning fireplace, but it also produces much more heat. They can operate during a power outage and do not need electric blowers to carry the heat throughout your home. However, because of this heat, you will need to meet certain building code requirements and make sure you have proper venting. All of our stoves come with an air wash system to keep the glass on the door clean, are non-catalytic, and are E.P.A. certified, making them clean and green at once.

We carry wood stoves manufactured by Avalon, Lopi, and Osburn.

Nassau County wood stove

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