Fireplace Inserts in Wantagh, NY

Fireplaces are one of the most luxurious parts of a home, especially in the winter months. Being cozy and comfortable around a roaring fire brings families together, and the team at Jetmore Fireplace Center in Wantagh, New York wants you to be prepared for comfort in the cold, Northeast winters. Our selection of quality fireplace appliances and accessories ensure you will always find what you are looking for to get the most out of your fireplace experience. There are many ways to improve your current fireplace. Stop by our location on Merrick Road and our knowledgeable staff can show you our selection. A fireplace insert can be a perfect addition to any wood burning fireplace. Let our team walk you through the process of installing and implementing a fireplace insert – we look forward to serving you! Nassau County Fireplace Insert

Fireplace Inserts of All Types

At Jetmore Fireplace Center, our selection of fireplace inserts is second to none. Best of all, we have inserts that fit a wide range of types of fireplaces so you aren’t limited. Inserts can differ in size, style, shape, and application depending on the type of fireplace you own. When working properly, all inserts will help to transfer heat from the chimney to the home so you can be assured you’re toasty and warm on those brisk winter nights. Adding a fireplace insert allows your wood burning fireplace to be changed to a gas, electric, or a more efficient wood burning stove insert.

Top Quality Brands

We understand that any accessory to your fireplace needs to be of the highest quality, which is why we pride ourselves in sourcing the best inserts from top producers. We are proud to carry wood fireplace inserts by Avalon, Lopi, Fireplace Xtrordinair, and Osburn. We carry pellet inserts by Avalon and Lopi. These brands have earned reputations for top quality inserts and we aim to pass that quality on to you. Heating your home efficiently with the best products is important for sustaining comfortable warmth in your home. We stand by the products we sell and always aim for the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

Quality You Can Trust

If you’ve made the decision to purchase a fireplace insert, contact Jetmore Fireplace Center today. Our experienced team can help walk you through the process of picking which insert will work best for you depending on the type of fireplace, the space available in your home, and your budget. We know a happy customer is a repeat customer, and want you to be 100% happy with your fireplace insert. Heating a home is essential during the winter months, and wood burning fireplace inserts in particular can help mitigate the frosty potential of power outages during storms. Call today for more information about our fireplace inserts or stop by our showroom to see our extensive selection. We are conveniently located on Merrick Road in Wantagh on Long Island.

For high quality fireplace inserts you can depend on, contact Jetmore Fireplace Center today at 516-826-1166!

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